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    5 licks lick it unlick $3.50 Fried Rice
    • Place:Tamaya
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    9 licks lick it unlick $6.75 Shoyu Ramen 4 licks lick it unlick $6.95 BBQ Beef
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    6 licks lick it unlick $1.39 Baked BBQ Pork Bun
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    • xMZAx wrote a comment on White Slice 7 years ago
      No, it's ricotta cheese. It has a sweet and creamy taste.
    • xMZAx wrote a comment on Shoyu Ramen 7 years ago
      First off, the interior was all red and black which I thought was super cool. Their food was just as great, not too salty. My gf fell in love with their chasu pork, according to her one of the best she's ever had. I would totally vouch for this ramen joint.
    • xMZAx posted 2 food pictures. 7 years ago
    • xMZAx posted 8 food pictures. 7 years ago
    • xMZAx posted 2 food pictures. 7 years ago
    • xMZAx posted 2 food pictures. 7 years ago
    • xMZAx wrote a comment on Valentine Dessert 7 years ago
    • xMZAx wrote a comment on Hot Dog Bun 7 years ago
    • xMZAx posted 6 food pictures. 7 years ago
    • xMZAx wrote a comment on Spicy Chicken Soft Taco 7 years ago
      Taco Bell's value menu is the best!
    • xMZAx wrote a comment on Pepperoni & Cheese Plate 7 years ago
      yeah, food menu is 1/2 off during happy hour!
    • xMZAx wrote a comment on Baked Miso Marinated Black Cod in Hoba Leaf 7 years ago
      and delicious!
    • xMZAx wrote a comment on Japanese Mushroom, Asparagus, & Shrimp Tobanyaki 7 years ago
      It was our first time and we (my fiance & I) were very lucky to go at a right time. It was Super Bowl Sunday and the restaurant had just opened so were one of the first ones to be seated. The place was fairly empty (i guess due to the big game) so we were treated really well, and we're not the frou frou type. The food was excellent and is enough to ensure a return. Maybe we'll check out the other location for comparison. Oh yeah, we still had time to catch the second half of the game to watch one of the biggest upsets in sports history!
    • xMZAx wrote a comment on Belgian Waffle Combo 7 years ago
      It's actually really good. Had a very nice ambiance with black & white pictures of famous people from the 40's and 50's era all over the walls. The service was ok, the server made us feel a bit rushed but kept our coffee mugs filled. Food was excellent, well-prepared with fresh ingredients. It's definitely worth the visit for breakfast or lunch. (Brunch on Sundays)
    • xMZAx posted 12 user pictures. 7 years ago
    • xMZAx wrote a comment on 1/2 Fruit Bowl 7 years ago
      super fresh and super juicy
    • xMZAx wrote a comment on Michelob Ultra 7 years ago
      yeah there were sea lions swimming around, they were awesome.
    • xMZAx wrote a comment on Pepperoni & Cheese Plate 7 years ago
      I believe their happy hour is everyday from 4-7 pm, i might be wrong.
    • xMZAx wrote a comment on Fresh Fish of the Day Sandwich 7 years ago
      Yeah everything was kinda over-priced, but the ocean-view was well worth it.
    • xMZAx wrote a comment on Tilapia 7 years ago

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