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Ox tongue pastry

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This is a deep fried pastry and it's called that because when the thing is whole it kind of resembles a cow tongue. IN cantonese it would be called Ngau Lay Soh.

I love this stuff it has a subtle sweet flavor to the pastry, it's kind of like a bread actually but it has a rich savory taste to it cause it's fried. It's not like a yau tiu as this is much denser.
+ 1 lick By wanderingchopsticks 8 years ago
ha! From the title I was thinking it was stuffed with tongue. And while, I like tongue, I'm not so sure it would go well as a pastry. :)

I lick it for the clever name.
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By mamaGrub 8 years ago
ox tongue pastry yummy!special eat this with porridge.
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By henrychan 8 years ago
i lick it for the clever name too.
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+ 1 lick By MuiMui 8 years ago
Yummy! I always ordered that every time when I visit Hong Kong
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