Le Bernardin Restaurant
(212) 554-1515
155 W 51st St
New York, NY
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6 years ago.
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1a: Salmon-Caviar

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Thinly Pounded Smoked Salmon Carpaccio; Toasted Brioche and Caviar. Organic Scottish salmon, crème fraîche, a generous dollop of Osetra from Italy, brioche--all the makings of a classic dish. I enjoyed the salmon by itself, but it was the saltiness of the caviar that really came to my attention here. The toasty brioche, meanwhile, did add a nice textural contrast to the otherwise creamy elements of the dish. Interestingly, my dining companion noted that, intentional or not, the dish resembled a certain part of the female anatomy...
By AhBbJeh 6 years ago
Never noticed until you mentioned what your dining companion mentioned; I am glad you took the picture in this angle as Tangbro1's had me a big confused on how they made the slit to hold the caviar XD

Thank you :]
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By kevin 6 years ago
I didn't notice either. ;)
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By Thngotiatr 6 years ago
I would run if I encountered that on a female, lets just say the fish wouldn't be very fresh =X
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