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Popsicles in my freezer

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Tofu popsicle is new, so is green tea milk popsicle. Meiji soda-flavored popsicle has a vanilla ice cream filling; the 2 chocolate coated popsicles are ube and vanilla ice cream on the inside respectively; and the wrapped chocolate popsicle is called "Goo Lik Lork" (literally "Chocolate enjoyment") all from Nestle, except the soda popsicle which is from Meiji.
By crazypooh 6 years ago
I'd like to try the tofu popsicle!! How's the taste?
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By fangfiona 6 years ago
unfortunately it's still sitting in my freezer at home. I think the green tea milk popsicle was AWESOME though - creamy, quite sweet, and mild green tea flavor, not too strong.
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By fangfiona 6 years ago
Tofu is awesome - surprisingly creamy - it's like soymilk on a stick!
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