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Fruit-shi - "California roll"

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I made sticky rice with coconut milk. Spread the rice flat, then wrapped apples and avocadoes inside a green fruit roll-up, and rolled it like a sushi roll. Rolled them in crushed peanuts since VNese like sticky rice with peanuts, although I imagine sesame seeds would work too.
By UnHipLA 8 years ago
i cannot really see the fruit roll-up.
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By wanderingchopsticks 8 years ago
Yeah, the only thing I could find was a 3-foot long yellow-ish green so it doesn't show up so well. But it's most of the green you see around the avocado and apple.
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By happi6url 8 years ago
yummmmmmmmmmmm i would like to try this.
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By whytaste 8 years ago
I lick avacado california roll... :) I wanna make these by myself too.
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