San Gabriel Superstore
(626) 280-9998
1635 San Gabriel Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
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Lychee and mangosteen drinks

4 lickslick itunlick $1.98
$1.19 for the carbonated lychee, $.79 for the mangosteen. The lychee has a marble on the top that you have to push down to open.

Marble pushed down into drink

By henrychan 8 years ago
very nice "marble action" shot!
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By luvseafood 8 years ago
how were they?
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By wanderingchopsticks 8 years ago
Mangosteen didn't taste like it at all. Lychee was carbonated.
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By UnHipLA 8 years ago
if u bought that marble drink at famima it probably would be 3x that cost. gotta love the SGV markets.
ps. lick the packaging
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