J & J Restaurant
(626) 308-9238
301 W. Valley Blvd., #109
San Gabriel, CA 91776
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pork xiao long bao

Keywords: pork dumplings *Chinese
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By henrychan 8 years ago
i'm in the J&J camp for the best xlb's in the US.
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By wanderingchopsticks 8 years ago
Ha! I ate at MLV a few days after this and I still say their XLBs are better. ;)
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By whytaste 8 years ago
hahahaha...me 2...I also think that MLV's XLBs are better than J&Js....^^
I love XLBs!!!!!!! =D
btw....can I have some now????
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- 1 lick By luvseafood 8 years ago
i cant tell but i hate it when it gets dry at the top.
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