Carnitas Michoacan
(323) 221-8600
1901 N Broadway
Los Angeles, CA
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Nachos Especial

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2 a.m. taco/nacho run. Sooooo good. Been craving this for weeks.
By UnHipLA 8 years ago
oh boy, this looks very artery clogging. i will eat it vicariously through you.
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By Caritto 8 years ago
I ate this last night.. i think my heart is still trying to pump the blood. =D
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By wanderingchopsticks 8 years ago
My belly is still sticking out. Oh, wait, it does that anyway. ;)
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By mindofarock 6 years ago
best nachos I've had. it's the only thing i get here other than the chicken quesadilla.
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