Taleo Mexican Grill
3309 Michelson Dr
Irvine, CA 92612
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8 years ago.
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By kevin 8 years ago
Sampler of toasted masa "boats" with pork carnitas, beef rib meat, and chicken. Topped with thin sliced cabbage, tomato and Mexican crema.
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By cloudy 8 years ago
Is the chunky white stuff queso fresco? These looks like some heavy duty sopes.
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By kevin 8 years ago
I'm not sure but I think it might just be.
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By LA-OC-Foodie 8 years ago
Oooo I like sopes -- how was the masa? (my most recent sopes experiences included teeth-breaking hard "boats" -- :O )
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By kevin 8 years ago
Hehe thankfully they were not teeth-breaking but actually quite pliable, even a bit flaky.
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