Baja Fresh Mexican Grill
(949) 551-2252
5633 Alton Pkwy
Irvine, CA
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Baja Burrito (Steak)

2 lickslick itunlick $6.20
By buddydvd 9 years ago
Ate this in response to AntNHo's comment...
Burrito Grande ($6.15)
from Arriba Baja Grill
uploaded by buddydvd
9 years ago
with 5 licks and 3 comments.
I still think Arriba Baja Grill's burrito are better.
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By cloudy 9 years ago
I find Baja Fresh burritos to be quite dry, not my thing.
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By cuttlfish 9 years ago
I like Baja Burrito way better than Arriba. Its juicy and has really frest ingredients.
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