Guppy Tea House
11803 E. South Street
Cerritos, CA 90703
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9 years ago.
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Butter Coconut brick toast

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- 1 lick By henrychan 9 years ago
Expensive slice of toast!
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+ 1 lick By aromagirl 8 years ago
It is, but is sure is good. It's basically the same as the sweet bread they sell at Korean bakeries, but toasted with condensed milk and other sweet stuff on and in. I got some from Cha for Tea, but preferred Guppy's.

I pretty much only like the deserts at Guppy's, though. Everything else I have ordered, from a salad to salmon to popcorn chicken, has been lacking in freshness and flavor.

They're good at deserts, though.
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- 1 lick By buddydvd 8 years ago
Same thing here, I only like their dessert. The non-dessert dishes are lacking.
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By 343r34343 6 years ago
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