218 N Rodeo Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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7 years ago.
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18: Uni

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This was some of the best uni I've had! Ridiculously creamy and quite sweet, it had absolutely no bitterness to it. The uni was from Santa Barbara. Unfortunately, one of the other diners at the restaurant, who I assume was drunk, rudely questioned this choice of SB uni, which seemed to upset Urasawa-san. He basically asked: "Why do you use Santa Barbara uni? Have you tried all the other unis? How do you know it's the best?" To which Urasawa-san replied: "Because I'm the chef!"
By pekinese 7 years ago
that's right!! "Because you just asked a stupid question!" :p I like Urasawa-san!
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By happi6url 7 years ago
LOl! That is so funny! Love it...
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