Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits
(626) 284-1336
2600 W Main St
Alhambra, CA
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8 years ago.
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Tuesday Special: 2 Piece Leg and Thigh

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By mamaGrub 8 years ago
Good deal!
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By G_Trojan 8 years ago
any difference between this and KFC?
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By henrychan 8 years ago
I lick this more. Fresher, crunchier, and tastier.
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By Thngotiatr 8 years ago
Popeye's tends to have juicier and more flavorful pieces of meat in addition being able to choose between spicy and normal. The spicy is pretty good for fast food fried chicken.
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By oleskoolkicks 8 years ago
popeyes > kfc
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By henrychan 8 years ago
agreed. in fact,

church's > popeye's > kfc

good stuff...
3 Piece Chicken + Biscuit ($2.39)
from Church's Chicken
uploaded by henrychan
8 years ago
with 15 licks and 12 comments.
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By pekinese 8 years ago
great deal!!! that chicken looks juicy! :}~~~~
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By crazypooh 8 years ago
they look sooo good even I don't eat fried food~ :)
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By UnHipLA 8 years ago
it's really only .99 for a 2 pc? great deal and it sounds good too. i'll havta try it.
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By henrychan 8 years ago
yeah, it's an awesome and delicious meal. remember, it's tuesday only tho :)
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By UnHipLA 8 years ago
i marked my calendar. :)
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