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    Food I like to eat:
    vegetarian, vegan, sushi, thai, japanese, korean, vietnamese, russian, indian, turkish, greek, german, polish, italian, spanish, english, irish, morrocan, ethiopian, mexican, argentinian, american, fusion, fruit, nuts, odd chocolates, tea, herbs, comfort food, breakfast food, soup, salads, sandwiches, malted milk shakes, fake meat, tofu, frozen yogurt, crepes, french toast, fruit juice, smoothies, tamales, huaraches, falafel, hummus, lettuce wraps, vegan chili cheese dogs, vegetarian shepherd's pie, sticky rice with mango, thai spring rolls, paneer, pakora, potato pancakes, sauerkraut, blintzes, couscous, ravioli, pesto, bread, cake, leek and potato soup, peanut butter, almost all vegetables
    Food I do not like to eat:
    meat, chicken, pork, beef, fish, mayonnaise, alcohol, tomato sauce, green beans, plain chocolate, bananas, blueberries, sneakily non-vegetarian things, potato salad without mustard in it, most beans, overly sweet or salty things
    Who I'd like to eat with:
    My girlfriend; my friends; my family; people who enjoy talking about food, art, pop culture, music, politics, and totally mundane things
    My exercise routine:
    Tai chi 2-3 times weekly, regular walking, dancing, yoga

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    By Breebaby88 6 years ago
    Welcome! I am a carnivore but I really appreciate your post. Thank you!

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    • lunamorgan wrote a comment on Golden Cherry Yogurt with Mango, Strawberries, and Mochi 6 years ago
      Well, the location is in Louisville, KY where I'm guessing the reception was not the same as in CA. Probably people were confused by plain frozen yogurt and while I'm sure there were a few hard core fans, they realized they'd make more money selling the fruit and green tea flavors. Still, I was totally sad.
    • lunamorgan posted a food picture. 6 years ago
    • lunamorgan posted 8 food pictures. 6 years ago
    • lunamorgan wrote a comment on Frozen Yogurt 6 years ago
      I know! I've just found out my in-laws are moving to NY this summer, so at very least I'd be able to have it when I visit.
    • lunamorgan wrote a comment on Veggie Burger (Animal style) 6 years ago
      This site is seriously making me miss California and the things I could only get on the West Coast.
    • lunamorgan wrote a comment on Vegan Peanut Butter Pie 6 years ago
      I will ask my sister what the recipe is. She's the keeper of the almighty vegan peanut butter pie recipe in our family. It wasn't vegan originally, and it took us 10 years to convince an aunt who married in to give us the original recipe. Then, when I went mostly vegan, my sister and I devised this recipe that many of my family members think is as good or better than the original egg custard version.
    • lunamorgan wrote a comment on Frozen Yogurt 6 years ago
      Yogurtland is my soulmate, but we don't have them out here on the East Coast. I've been deprived since I left Anaheim.
    • lunamorgan wrote a comment on Breebaby88's profile. 6 years ago
    • lunamorgan posted 2 food pictures. 6 years ago
    • lunamorgan and buddydvd are now friends. 6 years ago
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