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    Food I like to eat:
    chinese--love dim sum, japanese, korean tofu and ban chan, Spicy Food--the spicier the better!, sweet buns (basically anything from an asian bakery)
    Food I do not like to eat:
    sea cucumbers, intestines, blood
    Who I'd like to eat with:
    My exercise routine:
    walking from the university center bus stop to classes

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    By henrychan 7 years ago
    welcome back, kawaii!!!!
    By henrychan 7 years ago
    where have ya been? we miss ya on BM!!

    hope you're happily eating!
    By henrychan 7 years ago
    Congrats on being the first winner!! yayayay!!!
    By buddydvd 7 years ago
    I used Photoshop and pieced them together. However, soon, we're adding the capability to assign multiple pictures to one food item. That will allow you to take as many macro shot as you want!

    Thanks for your support, kawaii panda! :)
    By henrychan 7 years ago
    how's the food at UCI these days. I remember my days at Pippens...heehehe
    By buddydvd 7 years ago
    Thanks for the tip!
    By buddydvd 7 years ago
    I recently lost my camera and wants to buy a new one. Your camera seems to take really good pictures. What camera do you use? Did you post process them with Photoshop or anything? Thanks.
    By henrychan 7 years ago
    how did ya find out about biggestmenu, kawaii?
    By henrychan 7 years ago
    i am anteater!! :p
    By Pong 7 years ago
    Welcome to the site.
    By buddydvd 7 years ago
    Nice. We have many anteaters on this site. Were you invited by one?
    By buddydvd 7 years ago
    welcome kawaii panda!
    By henrychan 7 years ago
    welcome kawaii_panda!

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