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  • 55 years old
  • Assistant Manager Liquor store
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    About me:
    Love to travel eat and cook. I have at least one big multi course feast a year.
    Food I like to eat:
    Most seafood and meats, Very spicy foods like Thai, Srilankin or Indan curries. I was a vegetarian for five years and learned to love most fruits and vegetables.
    Food I do not like to eat:
    Very fishy or slimy seafood.
    Who I'd like to eat with:
    Most everyone
    My exercise routine:
    One hour of aerobics about four days a week

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    By pekinese 8 years ago
    hehe..yes, I rotate my icon pic once a while. :)
    By Serindib 8 years ago
    Cuba, a great country with amazing beaches. Many Canadians and Europeans go because it is so cheap. Virtually all of the resorts are "all inclusive" so for one price you get Airfare, food and accommodation. The beach I was on at Cayo Coco was so wide it was like two football fields before you touched the water. Once in the water it very gradually deepened so non or weak swimmers could really enjoy themselves.
    By Serindib 8 years ago
    Hello all. I stumbled upon BiggestMenu when I was searching Google for photos of prime rib. I always have a big party at the end of September and like to research it beforehand.
    By henrychan 8 years ago
    btw, how did ya hear about BiggestMenu?
    By Pong 8 years ago
    Welcome to BiggestMenu.
    By henrychan 8 years ago
    welcome, welcome Serindib!! I love to travel too. What I enjoy the most is eating all the local cuisines around the world. How was Cuba?

    Nice to see your first post on BiggestMenu. Feel free to upload more restaurant food pics, "lick" as many foods you as you like, comment on any foods, and make many friends :)



    By buddydvd 8 years ago
    Welcome to BiggestMenu, Serindib!

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