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    About me:
    Food! Friend, brother, secret lover. I'm pretty much down with any type of food.
    Food I like to eat:
    I really love my asian home cooking, especially when i cook. My favorite types of food are Italian, Mexican, Japanese, and of course Chinese!
    Food I do not like to eat:
    I do not like shitty fake asian food (i.e. Panda Express, PF Chang, Pei Wei). Those establishments are a slap in the face to real authentic cooking. However orange chicken is sometimes mighty tasty.
    Who I'd like to eat with:
    I like eating with my family and friends. I really like eating with fishybear because she takes me to all these new places.
    My exercise routine:
    The majority of my exercise is swimming and sometimes waterpolo because of high school nostalgia. Yeah, it also explains why i'm really dark.

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    By xian830 2 years ago

    実际にはブランド靴 通販、茶のエッセンシャルオイル茶のエキスであるが、それには、たくさんの美容に、美容側に最も多かったが、痘印敛に行くのと茶の精油が特に适油性肌や長有ニキビに肌のですが、行き痘印ではさらに大きかった。次すぐ来て学習用チャノキエッセンシャルオイルに行って痘印方法でしょう!


      茶の精油や他の精油を混ぜて使う、思いもよらない美容効果クリスチャンルブタン靴!制作:tipチャノキ精油3滴、迷ペーパー香精油2滴、ブドウ种子精油5mlだった。それらをまぜ用として、この混合精油、顔をモザイク美容マッサージ、助けの毒素、それから用泡沫洁面製品を洗い、顔面を再にスプレーチャノキ花水ok !

      制作tip:ソースの棉签适量の茶精油をはらって、<a href="" target="_blank" title="エルメス通販コピー">エルメス通販コピー时にはケアでを持っていれば、良い抗菌消炎と辐辏のケアの役割を果たした。
      1日~ 2日を使い、赤くなったケアになるし、分別注意するのは、茶のエッセンシャルオイルは基本的にはすべて、感光的であるため、過去問は夜に使われている。


    By wanderingchopsticks 8 years ago
    Yeah, I've only seen it at the Rosemead location, but then it's not like I scoured every Target out there either. :P
    By wanderingchopsticks 8 years ago
    In case you missed it, this is the blooming tea I got at Target.
    Juliet's Kiss blooming... ($2.99)
    from Target
    uploaded by wanderingchopsticks
    8 years ago
    with 14 licks and 9 comments.
    By wanderingchopsticks 8 years ago
    I was at the Target in Rosemead today, they have a small 3-pack of 3 kinds of the blooming tea for $2.99. It's in the kettle aisle.
    By wanderingchopsticks 8 years ago
    Nope. Never eaten there. But if all the other restaurants are getting it from Cafe Artist, might as well go directly to the source huh?
    By wanderingchopsticks 8 years ago
    According to this article we're both wrong. :P The crawfish trend started at Cafe Artist b/c the owner is from Houston. Someone told me it was all the Katrina transplants...
    By ktolam 8 years ago
    sorry you had to suffer a bad buffet. My bad :)
    By Pong 8 years ago
    Hi BuddhaBelly,
    Sorry for the incorrect address. It's not suppose to be Hong Kong Super Buffet. Instead it should be Hong Kong Seafood Buffet. I corrected the error.
    By henrychan 8 years ago
    welcome back :p
    By buddydvd 9 years ago
    Haha, that's awesome. We're also all Alhambra High alumni... hahaha.
    By buddydvd 9 years ago
    I suspect you go to UCI for school, don't you? Henrychan, Pong and I are all UCI alumni... Let me know if my Irvine postings are helping you out around here..

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